Auction Payment Info

Accepted Payment Methods: VISA , Master Card , Discover , Money Order/Bank Draft , Personal Cheque/Check , Wire Transfer
Cash, wire transfer,
bank draft or certified
check will be accepted as
payment of the Purchase Price.
additional 3% fee will be
assessed for credit card and Paypal

payments by wire or certified
check, 18% if using
Credit Card

Payment terms - Full Payment
is due upon 48 hours of
receiving invoice. (see above
for payment methods)

Auction Shipping Info

In an effort to serve our customers better, we have come up with a new system for calculating the packaging and handling costs for your purchases.

NOTE: This is for PACKAGING and HANDLING only, it DOES NOT include the actual cost to ship your items!!!

Your items will be professionally packaged, if you have purchased a circuit board, it will be put in an anti static bags, etc.

Cost is $3.00 Per lot, PLUS a per Lb charge as follows:

1-10 Lbs, $1.00 Per Lb
11-25 Lbs, $0.75 Per Lb
26-50 Lbs, $0.50 Per Lb
51-110 Lbs, $0.35 Per Lb

Purchases with weight totaling 110 + Lbs will be skidded or crated, based on what works best for your items!

111-225 Lbs, $0.25
226-400 Lbs, $0.20
401 Lbs +, $0.175


You buy three lots of individual circuit boards at auction. Total packaged weight is 5 Lbs:

3 x $3.00 = $9.00 + 5 Lbs x $1.00 per = $5.00, $9.00 + $5.00 = $14.00 Packaging and Handling costs, plus the actual UPS charges!

You buy 10 lots of items, four circuit boards, two servo drives and four servo motors. Total Skidded weight is 180 Lbs:

10 x $3.00 = $30.00 + 180 Lbs x $0.25 per = $45.00, $30.00 + $45.00 = $75.00 Packaging and Handling costs, plus the actual Freight charges!